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The Geek Hut proudly crafted and unleashed an epic, state-of-the-art website for the awesome EMBart crew over in Manchester. Behold our mighty team’s creation, a website boasting a distinctive, eye-catching design that’s not only super sleek but also loaded with an arsenal of cutting-edge features!


“EMBart”, Manchester, UK


Design, Website



Our ultimate quest in this epic endeavour is to forge and craft an entirely new website, a digital masterpiece that will rise above the ordinary in the grand arena of the exhibition industry. With the sacred scroll of client requirements in hand, our intrepid team embarked on this noble quest. We meticulously crafted a blueprint for the client’s discerning eye, and then set forth to forge a website that not only mirrored the design but transcended the client’s wildest expectations, leaving them awestruck and amazed.


The quests laid before us by our esteemed client ignited a fire within us, and thus, we embarked on a heroic odyssey to craft an awe-inspiring website. Throughout this epic journey of creation, we maintained an unbreakable telepathic link with the client, constantly seeking their wisdom and guidance.

‘Twas no easy feat, I tell you! Yet, today, we stand triumphant, proudly displaying the fruits of our labor as a testament to our unwavering dedication and unparalleled craftsmanship. The client, in their infinite wisdom, bestowed upon us a most gracious and flattering accolade, which warms the cockles of our geeky hearts.

Behold the wondrous task set before us and the even more glorious realization of that task! Such is the very essence of our existence, as we continue to quest for results of this magnificent caliber. Do you too desire such a wondrous outcome?

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